Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Tarantulas Gate

The final morning at the Fayre brought another day of sunshine. The Tarantula's faction camp had been our neighbour for the event and our factions had helped each other many times over when threats had arisen. I took the opportunity to walk to their gate and study the ornate pillars marking the entrance to their realm. 

The dwellers of the underdark are certainly craftsfolk and artists, some would see their work as dark or macabre, but they seem to live their own way without compromise and it shows in their craft and art.

The previous evening I had looked across from our camp to theirs as I did my duty on the gate in the early hours. Our camp held fire and song, theirs glowed with lights and colours to stand proud in the underdark. It was a pleasure to sit and capture the image of the gates in my sketchbook.

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