Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Meeting With Malthus Calgar & the NDM

Like many, I look for ways to better myself. It was such a way which took me to the Mages Guild to seek guidance, council and membership. I was informed I would be considered but would need to speak with my faction High Mage to gain reference before I could be interviewed. I have never had the pleasure of meeting with Malthus before and was a little nervous of approaching unannounced to ask such a favour. But needs must, and I took the wander from the desk at the Mages Guild up to the Wold Camp and the tent of the NDM.

It was a relief to see the High Mage relaxing with the rest of the Militia in the early evening sun and it put my mind at ease knowing I would not be disturbing duties. The NDM spoke of the importance of enjoying a good evening bask and Malthus proved to be approachable, friendly and was kind enough to write my reference in my sketchbook.

Sadly our conversation was cut a little short when we were concerned our camp was about to come under attack. Once the threat had passed I sat myself down close to the unlit fire pit and sketched the NDM tent onto the back of the reference Malthus had written for me. On showing the reference to Francis Littlefoot of the Mages Guild he seemed well pleased.

My thanks to Malthus and the NDM for making me welcome and helping me with my learning.

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