Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Guilds at the Fayre

After enjoying the festivities of the fayres first evening I grabbed a few hours sleep in the darkest hours and rose with the dawn. Clear light and a warm gentle breeze brought fresh energy to my mind as I walked the fields alone. The peaks and valleys of the guild tent stood before me on rising ground. I settled down to sketch and for a while I was alone with my thoughts, vision and the scratching of my pen. Before long I had gained a new companion, we passed the time of day and chatted as we both took comfort in the warming rays of the sun.

A ruffling noise behind us took our attention to a tent lower down the field, three ducks appeared from the tent and waddled past us. They headed up the hill and into the guild tent. My new companion and I were left bemused and laughing at the sight, I suspect they were only foraging for dropped scraps of food but the line and purpose they took showed they had made this trip before.

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