Weapon Sketches

Here are some technical sketches to show foam build ups and constructions for LARP weaponry together with some photos of the finished item. I build weapons to look rustic or well used rather than pristine, decorative or high fantasy (there are plenty of good manufacturers such as Eldrich, Tallow or Dark Blade who are excellent at building these types of weapons, well worth visiting their web sites or stalls at an event to appreciate their craft).

Norse "Elk" Hammer - Hand and a half war hammer with a soft impact zone on the striking area of the hammer to cushion the blow, but a firmer plastazone foam inner head to reduce the risk of the head tearing.

Viking Axe, A short to medium length weapon based on an axe shape used as both tool and weapon. Early versions of this axe were constructed with a round fibreglass core, however I found this could become unbonded from the foam under heavy use. New versions have a rectangular section fibre glass core to increase the strength of the bond.

Machete or Long Knife, this single edge blade design is based upon a slimmed down machete. It has a 12 x 8mm fibre glass bar core to provide a robustness to the design and even though it is slightly less than 2 feet in length it allows for parrying agains pole arms or two handed weapons. As this knife has no hilt and is unsuitable for many standard off the shelf scabbards it requires a purpose made scabbard to carry it around.

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