Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Deeper Caves of the Tarantula's Circle

My first visit to the Tarantula's circle encouraged further visits to spend time in the quiet of the Underdark. Within the darker caves a large ornate silver box lay in a corner surrounded by the webs of spiders. Skeletons and cocoons were also held firm against the wall by the silver white threads and webs.

Light was not so abundant in the deeper caves and sketching was not so easy in the darkened corners. Both time and focus was needed to judge line, form and perspective to set to paper the scenes before me.

As I was finishing my work I felt the scampering of a tiny form upon the back of my hand. A closer look revealed a small spider who had chosen to use me as a route along her travels. I carefully set her down by the wall. It seems there are many eyes in the Underdark.

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