Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Bears Gate

Another glorious morning brought Iduna's blessings for me as I took my first stroll of the day. It was only a short journey up to the Bears gate, all was tranquil and the youngsters of the Bear Faction took turns to run down to the gate and check the comings and goings of those who happened to be passing through. The gate would no doubt seem more turbulent moments later in the day as those hostile to the faction chanced an attack, but the Bears are sturdy folk and would no doubt meet the challenge head on.

As I was finishing my sketch, Will McCaullich wandered down to say hello and chat for a while. It seems he has discovered the pleasures of going for a wash in the morning and was on his way to partake of warm waters. A gentler start to the day than his usual method of throwing himself into a mountain tarn in his homeland of Caledonia!


  1. That's great, we saw you sitting sketching and wondered how it would turn out!

  2. Glad you got to see the sketch, many thanks for your kind words & visiting the blog :o)