Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The Ancestor Hall at Troy

A wealth of information presents itself to the wanderer in Troy, tales & symbols of the Jackal ancestors & their deeds sit upon the walls of a shrine before the ritual circle in Troy.

Earthenware & Vines of Troy

An Owl Over the Shrine at Troy

A familiar overlooking owl sits above the Shrine in Troy

The Value of Water & Air - Armourers Guild

Bellows and Jar at the Armourers Guild

Walkway by the Shrine In Troy

Cool sunlight and alcoves adorn the white walls beside the Shrine in Troy

Portable Alchemy

The last of my sketches at the Spring Moot 1118AF. Time spent in the Alchemists Guilds proves to be challenging as always

Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Gardens of Nara, Gathering 1117AF

Sketches and Scenes from the Gardens of Nara in Nihon. Our hosts for the Gathering of 1117AF were most accommodating.

The Approach to the Gardens of Nara

Sounds of water and the knocking of bamboo to enjoy in the quieter moments in the garden.

Lanterns in the Maple Tree

Gong by the Ritual Circle

Hanging Charms of Bamboo

Entrance to the Ritual Circle