Saturday, 18 August 2018

Downfall - The Island in the Lava, Summer Moot 1118AF

Sketches of the Summer Moot 1118AF hosted by the Tarantula Faction at Downfall

The Assembly Maediir in the Stone Arch

The Ship un the Lava

Skeletal Remains at Downfall

Chained the the Column in the Lava

Words of Reverence to Loth by the Circle at Downfall

The Grand Erdrejan Fayre 1118AF

Sketches of the fayre hosted by the Martial Guilds in the year 1118AF

Fountain in the Tesseract

Archers Targets in The Tesseract

Sashes and Helmets of The Militia 

Seat of the Corruptors Guildmaster.

The Closing of the Tesseract After the Games

A Sketch for Lifemaster Bastion