Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Storm Ravens Shelter

On my arrival at the Spring Moot I wandered into the Storm Ravens camp to introduce myself and I gained a warm welcome. During my time sitting within the Wolf Camp they have been happy to stand by me and chat for a while, they have also been encouraging of my sketching and asked how much it would cost for a sketch of their tent.

In return for their help (especially with regard to discussing matters of healing) and encouragement the answer is nothing. It was a pleasure to make my final sketch of the Spring Moot a sketch of the Storm Raven Tent.

For now I will look forward the GEF and seeing my pack brothers and sister of the Shian, I will also look forward to greeting the many other friends I have met on my wanders & sketching at the Spring Moot


  1. Many thanks for the kind comments Michelle & Trav, it is a pleasure to know you enjoy the sketch :o)