Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Ritual & the Cemetery

My duties to the healers guild kept me busy for much of the day and it was early evening before I took to my wanderings with my sketchbook. Once again I was drawn back to the area of the ritual circle. Beside the lights and sounds of the circle itself was a small cemetery holding the remains of the fallen heros of our hosts. The stillness was a marked contrast to the activity of the circle itself and I settled down to sketch as the ritualists worked near by.

Rituals carry their risks and despite the skill of the ritualists one ceremony caused some harm to some of those who had just completed their work. Graf, the High Healer of the Harts & I rushed into the circle once the seal was lowered to give what aid we could. Once all was well I returned to my sketch. The next ritual was by Twig Splitter and his group, I was gifted a fine tale of humour & meaning to listen to while I worked, a privilege indeed!

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