Monday, 5 August 2013

Needles & Chisels

After breakfast on Sunday morning I decided to wander to the merchants tents in the open ground by the ruins at Selby. Temptation overcame me and I called in at Needles & Chisels to chat with the proprietors and treat myself to a Mead Cup skillfully turned from oak. We talked for a while and I enjoyed looking over the goods they had carefully crafted with their own hands and discussed issues of craftsmanship & the pleasures & details of creating something special from raw materials. We were soon joined by my pack sister Freydis from the Shian Wolves, her own expertise lay with the craft of needle and the loom, the conversation gained greater depth & flow as the four of us began to share both experience and appreciation for our own specialities.

To behold something of individuality created by a skilled hand brings much more to life than convenience, it brings a tale and spirit all of its own.

As our conversation drew to a close I settled myself outside beneath the shifting clouds and put pen to paper to capture the scene of the stall to bring to mind the memories in later times and share them with others who might call in to read these lines.

(Many thanks to Tony & Lesley)

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