Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Wander to the Dragons.

From my own faction camp I found my eyes drawn to a distinctive tent standing tall in the Dragon camp. I had promised myself a trip up to the Dragons to ask if I could draw it down as milestone in my travels. On the Sunday morning I found it was quiet in the healers guild and I decided to make the journey. I asked Laucian a member of the Dragons and fellow Healers Guild member if he could point me in the direction of the right person to speak to. He suggested Jenna, their High Bard would be a good person and by good fortune she was standing on the gate when I arrived.

The owners of the tepee were not yet up but the Dragons offered me the hospitality and safety of their camp, after a brief walk around to find the best angle to sketch from I found myself sitting outside the faction wards between the Dragons and the Jackals. Luckily all was quiet and the area was not hostile, however Jenna had kindly given me permission to run to the factions gate if situation changed.

Later that evening I was speaking with an Ogre who was a trader with the Dragons, he was good enough to inform me the tepee belonged to The Court of Mercury. Should they ever see it I hope the sketch pleases them.

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